BPS Report

Report on Budget Private Schools in India

This Report on BPS in India aims to provide a repository of credible information on Budget Private Schools in India, collected through research, and by collating perspectives and information from practitioners, policymakers and scholars engaged with the sector. The findings from the report will be disseminated to key stakeholders with the aim of transforming the nature of discourse on BPS from ideology and philosophy driven debate to data-driven and evidence based discussion. The report is meant to be accessible to the educated layman. It will consist of essays, interviews, case studies and various graphical representations. It is intended to be read by all individuals with an interest in education in India, with a focus on practitioners, policymakers and the media.


About BPS Report

The report brings together research and perspectives from relevant stakeholders with the aim of updating and pushing forward the discourse on BPS in India, by providing a platform for informed and inclusive interactions on the sector.


Chapters - BPS Report

The report categorises the various aspects related to BPS into four themes: demand, supply, ecosystem, and regulation. Each theme is further divided into sub-topics, which will be addressed by relevant experts representing research, policy and practice.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board - BPS Report

The editorial board is representative of key stakeholders in the education sector. Each theme of the report is being led independently by individual editors to ensure depth and decentralise the review process.

For any queries or further information about the Report on BPS in India, please contact Srijan Bandyopadhyay: srijan@ccs.in | +91 99536 72130