Developing New Leaders with New Ideas: CCS Academy

Developing New Leaders with New Ideas

CCS Academy conducts policy training, certificate courses, research internships and outreach programs of the Centre for Civil Society for a diverse audience comprising of students, development and business professionals, academicians and government officials. Our work is based on the conviction that persistent and widespread social problems have their root cause in public policies that either interfere with or fail to support the operation of individual, civil society, community and free market based solutions.

Our Mission: To inspire future leaders and change agents to pursue the vision of a free society by championing a liberal approach to public policy.

CCS launched its first training seminar for college students in 1998 as the Liberty & Society Seminar, a four-day residential program. The program was redesigned as ‘I, Society and Public Policy’ seminar and is now known as ‘ìpolicy’. We host a number of ìpolicy programs for stakeholders across the country that reach out to over 400 participants every year.

Programs offered by CCS Academy:

  • ìpolicy: Certificate courses in public policy that introduce participants to Comparative Institutional Analysis. We conduct courses for Young Leaders, Development Leaders, Professionals and Government Officials.
  • Researching Reality Internship: Six-week program in real-life applications of socio-economic principles and teaching skills of research, analysis, writing and critical thinking.
  • Colloquium: In-depth discussions provide a forum to reflect on issues of fundamental importance, and develop innovative ideas for sustainable solutions to policy challenges.
  • Freedom Caravan: Internationally recognised program that brings young people together to explore ideas about individual liberty and economic prosperity.
  • Credit Course in Public Policy: Offered in partnership with academic institutions as part of their formal curriculum. The modules currently available are Economics and Public Policy; and Law and Public Policy, which explore intersections between the two fields.