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Academy | Core Values

Our core values are our fundamental ethical commitments, which we do not sacrifice for short-term expediency. They define who we are and what we strive for.

  1. Honest and Open Communication:
    • being open about what we think and feel while being committed to exploring others' points of view with genuine openness and care for their well-being
    •  initiating difficult conversations with honesty, courage, and empathy
    • being upfront about our mistakes, weaknesses, and needs
  2. Intellectual Integrity:
    • being critical of ideas with reasoned argument but never attacking those who disagree with us
    • being open to learning the ways in which we are wrong
    • endeavouring to make our actions consistent with our values and opinions
    • endeavouring to make our ideas self-consistent
  3. Personal Responsibility:
    • following through on our commitments-our contracts and promises
    • accepting our response-ability, our control over how we act in response to what happens to us
  4. Tolerance:
    • being tolerant of peaceful differences
    • not being prejudiced by race, caste, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, etc.