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07 February 2018
A Monthly Update on CCS Initiatives


This January we took our certificate course in public policy to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, reaching out to 152 young leaders in partnership with the India Fellow Social Leadership Program, ISB Hyderabad, and IIT Mumbai. The iPolicy is our three-day certificate course in public policy that engages young leaders on critical policy issues through the liberal lense.

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Through our ‘CCS on Campus’ initiative we engaged with 310 students across 4 campuses in Delhi and Mumbai to explore the foundations of a free, prosperous, and just society. Our initiative brings our eminent faculty members to college campus for sessions on the foundations of liberalism and its applications to understanding some of India’s most pressing challenges. Our sessions encourage students to contest and debate learned presumptions on modern political and socio-economic concerns of the nation.

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Parth Shah, President, CCS, was invited by the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) to host a webinar on the theme of 'Transforming Low-Cost Private Education in India through Innovative Solutions and Policy Reforms' alongside Ashish Karamchandani, Managing Director, FSG Advisory. With 52 participants from across South Asia, the webinar led to a vibrant dialogue on the scope and relevance of innovations in budget-private schools in India.


We brought together 17 parent leaders from Hastal in West Delhi to bring together their diverse experiences and understanding of student needs, and launched the 'Parents Forum for School Education'. The organisation aims to mainstream parental voice in education policy and regulation, and create a foundation for parent-led activism in education in India.

LAUNCH OF THE HINDI TRANSLATION OF BASTIAT'S 'THE LAW', CCS’ Hindi liberal portal, released the Hindi translation of ‘The Law’ by Frédéric Bastiat at the Constitution Club of India. Originally published in 1850 as ‘La Loi’, the work remains ever more relevant today, putting forth a poignant critique of the excesses of governmental intervention, and the inevitable perversion of law that a surplus state may lead to.

Access the digital edition of 'The Law' here.
Aircraft Act


As part of our ‘Repeal of Laws’ initiative we launched a campaign on the Aircraft Act of 1934, highlighting its inconsistency, redundancy and arbitrariness in regulating all ‘flying machines’ including balloons and kites. In partnership with five Law Schools, we consolidated mass mails to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation appealing for a statutory review, and carried out an online campaign.

  • CCS IN  NEWSParth Shah, was invited by Rajya Sabha TV for a panel discussion on their segment ‘The Big Picture’. The debate focused on the potential of youth to participate in the nation’s democracy and foster progressive ideas and actions.

  • An editorial titled ‘Transparent Marking’ by Parth Shah was published in the Indian Express. The piece discusses the need to make all data on education outcomes available in the public domain. The opinion piece was also cited by Arihant Pawariya in his article ‘RTE Ke Side Effects: Putting The ASER Survey In Perspective’ published in Swarajya.

  • Our campaign on Repeal of Laws received 10 citations in national and regional dailies including Aaj Tak and Amar Ujala.

  • Avinash Chandra, Editor of, was invited by Rashtriya Sahara to write an article on the challenges of the present education system and Direct Benefit Transfers as a policy reform in the field. The article can be read here.

  • CCS IN  NEWSApna Radio, a regional radio show in Delhi, invited CCS to participate in a panel discussion on ‘Nursery Admission and the Education system’.

  • Our launch of the hindi translation of Frédéric Bastiat’s ‘The Law’ received considerable coverage with 7 citations in national and regional media publications including Prayukti and Deshbandhu.

  • Dr. Neeti Shikha,  authored an editorial titled ‘Repeal Of Redundant Laws: A Step In Right Direction’ published in Live Law.

  • In anticipation of the momentous launch of the Swatantra Party Archives acquired by CCS, Gitanjali Chandrashekharan (Deputy Editor, Sunday Mid Day) published an article on the importance of the documents in her article titled ‘New Archive Of Swatantra Party Reveal Why There's A Lot To Learn From The Past’ published in Sunday Mid-Day News.

  • CCS IN  NEWSApna Radio invited Avinash Chandra, Editor of, to discuss Frédéric Bastiat’s ideas on classical liberalism and the lessons one can learn from his works. The show had an outreach of 10,000 listeners and can be heard here.

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Team member
Shivang Raina
Manager, CCS Academy

Shivang holds a Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding from Jamia Millia Islamia and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Delhi. An avid mountain hiker, he is also trained in Indian classical music and the Orff approach of music education.

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