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Big turn for solar rooftop project investors

Published in on 22 Aug 2016

Biggies to gain most from solar power

Published in ET Energy World on 19 Aug 2016

Delhi Citizens’ Handbook 2016 launched for improved policy making

Published in on 18 Aug 2016

Street Vendors win again in Rajasthan

Published in India Education Diary on 13 Jul 2016

NEP alliance democratizes discourse on New Education Policy

Published in Various Online Media on 09 Jul 2016

The growing tribe of think tanks in India

Published in Live Mint on 13 Apr 2016

Yes to a government college, but no to government schools

Published in Live Mint on 05 Apr 2016

NISA Press Conference on 24 Feb Dharna (Online Media)

Published in Various Media on 13 Feb 2016

25 years of liberalisation and what life was like in 1991

Published in Forbes India on 10 Feb 2016

The Top Free-Market Institutes: 2015 Rankings

Published in Forbes on 08 Feb 2016

India’s Bamboo Sector suffering from Colonial Hangover

Published in Niti Central on 06 Feb 2016