Report on ‘Budget Private Schools in India’ launched

Apna Campus | 11 February 2017
Report on 'Budget Private Schools in India' launched

Mumbai, 11 February. India’s leading Think Tank Centre For Civil Society supported by EdelGive Foundation today launched ‘BPS in India’ an annual report on Budget Private Schools in India followed by a panel discussion, ‘Education of Choice For All: Role of Budget Private Schools’ at the Asia Liberty Forum held in hotel The Leela. Eminent scholars and experts such as Parth J Shah (President, Centre for Civil Society), Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon (Professor of Education, Institute of Education, London), Shailaja Chandra (Independent policy analyst), Ashish Dhawan, (Chairman, Central Square Foundation), Vidya Shah (CEO, Edelgive Foundation), and Rohan Joshi (Centre for Civil Society) served on the editorial board of the Report.
Speaking during the panel discussion, Parth J. Shah; President of CCS said, ‘since their emergence BPS (Budget Private Schools) have had a fair share of criticism from players in the Indian education sector. This criticism intensified with enactment of Right to Education Act (2009), which paid special attention to quality of inputs (infrastructure, staffing and finances,) with the little focus on improving learning outcomes.’ He further said, ‘it is evident that BPS sector, once termed as ‘shadow institutions’ and ‘teaching shops’ have come a long way over the years in establishing their credibility among parents and educators. Interestingly, BPS, while steadily improving own performance have also raised the bar of quality and accountability for other schooling segments, especially the government schools, pushing them out of their complacency and giving mission mode impetus to the ongoing efforts to enhance quality of education.’
Other panellists presentvduring the panel discussion were Brajesh Mishra from Varthana, Neil D’Souza from Zaya Learning Labs and Pro. Geeta Gandih Kingdon from Institute of Education at University College, London. Panel discussion was chaired by Gopal Jain of Gaja Capital.
Note for the editor
This Report on BPS in India aims to provide a repository of credible information on Budget Private Schools in India, collected through research, and by collating perspectives and information from practitioners, policymakers and scholars engaged with the sector. The findings from the report will be disseminated to key stakeholders with the aim of transforming the nature of discourse on BPS from ideology and philosophy driven debate to data-driven and evidence based discussion. It consists essays, interviews, case studies and various graphical representations. It is intended to be read by all individuals with an interest in education in India, with a focus on practitioners, policymakers and the media.

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