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Briefs and Reports: Education

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Restrictions on for-profit education in India

May 11, 2020
By Akash Pratap Singh* and Tarini Sudhakar

Existing rule-sets governing K-12 Education in India

April 25, 2020
By Tarini Sudhakar

Rethinking K-12 Assessment Framework

March 2, 2020
By Ritika Shah

How to: Design a separate independent regulator for all schools

January 28, 2020
By Bhuvana Anand and Alston D’Souza

Deconstructing K-12 Governance in India

October 21, 2019
By Bhuvana Anand, Jayana Bedi, Prashant Narang, Ritika Shah and Tarini Sudhakar

Role of Learning Outcomes in Education Governance

April 4, 2019
By Centre for Civil Society

India School Closure Report

March 26, 2019
By Centre for Civil Society

Faces of Budget Private Schools in India, 2018

April 9, 2018
By Centre for Civil Society